Carbon Neutral

We now offset all CO2 produced from burning fossil fuels in our removal services

An increasingly important issue is the effect that burning fossil fuels has on the environment. As a local Darwin removals company, we've decided to be proactive in reducing the impact our business has on climate change. We want you, our customer, to know that when you choose Top End Removals for your local or instate move that you're making a good choice in service and environmental responsibility.

Your choice for environmentally friendly removals

Partnering with Carbon Neutral, Australia's major biodiverse reforestation offset developer, we now offset all CO2 emissions on our moving services.

Will this add to the cost of my move?

Absolutely not! We've decided to voluntarily take on this responsibility and no surcharge, or any extra costs, will be applied to your quote. This initiative, a first in the Territory, is our way of showing our commitment to taking responsibility for climate impact.

We're listening to our customers

Many of our customers, people like you, want to do the right thing and are looking for environmentally conscious businesses. Now it's easy to choose a great local removals business that is also leading the way in environmental responsibility, without having to sacrifice service levels or value for money.

What is Carbon Neutral and how does it work?

Based on our fuel consumption, Top End Removals contributes towards offset projects run by Carbon Neutral. These projects work within Australia and abroad to reduce climate impact by furthering development and infrastructure in:

  • solar
  • windfarms
  • hydro power,
  • methane capture
  • waste diversion
  • energy efficiency
  • reforestation and forest protect

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