Darwin to Cairns Removals: A Guide to Moving Interstate

Posted on 03 May, 2016 in Interstate Removals , Moving Home

Interstate removals can be tricky. First, you need to find removals specialists able to provide the service you need. Next, you need to know precisely when, how, and what to do to make sure the operation runs smoothly.

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Never fear, Top End Removals can handle this for you. Take a look at our cheatsheet, providing answers to all your Darwin to Cairns removals questions.

Does Top End Removals Provide Interstate Services from Darwin to Cairns?

We certainly do! We have the vehicles and the know-how to provide removals services from Darwin right up to Cairns in Queensland’s far north.

Will You Handle Packing Services, Storage, and Insurance?

Yes, we can provide all three of these services, and can even transport your vehicles and pets.

Do You Pack and Unpack My Possessions at Each End?

Yes, Top End Removals provide a range of packing options that suit you.

What Packing Options Do You Provide?

Our team can pack your whole house from top to bottom if you require. Alternatively, you can select which items need to be packed and we will handle this for you. If you prefer, we can provide you with the materials to handle the packing yourself, overseeing a DIY packing operation.

What About Unpacking?

We provide two unpacking options. On the standard service, we will place boxes and furniture in their respective rooms, as well as re-assembling any furniture which was taken apart during the move.

On the full service, we will do all of this and also unpack the boxes for you, before removing the redundant packaging containers from your new home.

When Is the Best Time to Book a Darwin to Cairns Removal?

As you are probably aware, Cairns is famous for its high humidity and extremely heavy rain, particularly in the summer. The best time to book a removal to Cairns is in the autumn, winter and early spring.

How Long Will It Take for My Belongings to Get from Darwin to Cairns?

The travel time between the two cities is three days. However – in order to provide our customers with the best pricing options when they move home – we use a load consolidation system. This means that the full time for processing and transportation is around 3 weeks.

Can You Recommend any of the Suburbs of Cairns as Ideal for Renting or Purchasing a Home?

It depends on what you are looking for. For a family friendly locale, try the North West of Cairns. For more action and life, you might be interested in the Northern Beaches or the city itself.

Any other questions about a move between Darwin and Cairns? Put them to our expert team. Thinking of moving between Darwin and Townsville? Try our other handy cheatsheet by clicking here.


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