Darwin to Perth Removals: A guide to moving interstate

Posted on 27 April, 2015 in Interstate Removals

Darwin to Perth removalist

The first step in preparing for your move from Darwin to Perth after getting over your initial nervous feeling is to get your bearings. Your new destination is almost four hours away by plane, and forty-three hours by road. Getting your belongings to Perth should not be an added stress. Using a professional interstate removal and transport company will ensure that your belongings will be looked after and delivered promptly.

At Top End Removals, our goal is to make moving your belongings as easy as possible. This guide or “cheat sheet” to moving interstate will answer some of the questions and remove some of that stress you might have about moving your belongings from Darwin to Perth. 

The Moving from Darwin to Perth Cheat Sheet

1.  Can I move at any time of the year?

  • Yes, you can move at to Perth at any time of year, your items will be moved by road train and the route is rarely blocked.
  • Moving over the Christmas time of year is going to be more expensive due to increased demand.
  • June/July school holidays and Easter can be busy.

2.  When is the best time to book a Darwin to Perth removal?

  • Any time of year is fine. If you’re in a hurry your items can be sent by themselves; however, if you’re willing to wait your items can be consolidated with someone else and it’ll be cheaper.

3.  How long will it take for my belongings to get from Darwin to Perth?

  • Transit time - delivered in 7 to 10 days as sole use, or with shared (consolidated) option around 3 weeks.

4.  Do I need insurance? How do I get insurance?

  • Not mandatory but always recommended. 
  • A good removalists will provide an options for insurance with their quote.

5.  Do you pack and unpack my possessions in Darwin and Perth?

  • We recommend that the removalist packs. If the removalist company packs, they will use the right equipment, including strong boxes that are designed to be moved.  They know how to best pack items for the road train journey.  Your move will be smoother and safer.

6.  How long in advance do I need to book my move?

  • The more notice you can provide, the better.  Especially if you have specific dates in mind and want to save by using the shared (consolidated) option. This will give the removalist more time to consolidate loads.

Top End Removals is a locally owned removal company specialising in interstate removals.

Top End Removals is an accredited AFRA member.


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