Handle with Care: Sensible Ways to Prepare Your Electronics for a Move

Posted on 07 June, 2017 in Packing

It is time to move again and you are already dreading it. Most items can just go in a box, but that 50-inch television your wife just got you for your birthday or your treasured desktop are too fragile to just toss in a box with some bubble wrap. Moving becomes even more stressful when you think about handling your expensive electronics. You don't want to break them during the packing stages, but you may also fear you could arrive at your new place and unpack them only to find damage like cracked screens.

Proper packing and handling of your electronics can help prevent the cracks and other damages that can occur during moving.

Moving Tips for Your Electronics

Your electronics are delicate and expensive. It is well worth it to spend time carefully packing them when you move. Proper preparation can save you a lot of time, stress and money.

  • Pack your wires correctly. Make sure you unplug all wires and label which wire belongs to which electronic. Wrap them tightly to avoid any tangling and secure them with a twist tie. This will make setup at your new place a breeze.
  • Make note of the electronic connections. If you have lost some of your owner's manuals and guides to setting up your electronics, take pictures of the cables before unplugging anything. When it comes time for the setup you can put everything back how you had it at your old place.
  • Copy your files. If you plan to move a desktop, there is always a chance something could go wrong and you could lose files. Back your computer up on a flash drive or a portable hard drive to keep a secure copy of your files, just in case.
  • Look for the box your computer came in. Do you remember that manufacturer box you kept and your spouse just did not understand why? Now is the time to put it to use. The safest box for your computer is the one the manufacturer used to ship it.
  • Pack your computer in your car. If you have room, try to pack your computer in a safe spot in your car. This will prevent other larger items from falling on it and damaging it. You can also keep an eye on it while you drive.
  • Wrap your television. Use a moving blanket or even a bath towel to wrap your television. This will provide a cover for the screen without scratching it. You could also then wrap bubble wrap around the outside of the towel or blanket for added cushion.
  • Don't lay your television down flat. Too much pressure on the screen will cause it to crack. A television can handle the bumps in the road much better if you stand it upright. If you plan to move furniture, such as a couch or a love seat, try to wedge it between the furniture. The soft furniture provides an extra cushion and is heavy enough so it shouldn't do much moving during the drive to your new place.

Another great way to ensure the safe arrival of your electronics is to check out the tools and information provided by a professional remover. A moving company offers items, such as specialty boxes for when you can't find the manufacturer box for your computer. They also provide trained professionals who will move your items with care.

With the proper tools and tips, moving day does not have to be stressful. There is an easy and affordable way to move your electronics without damaging them.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons


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