New Shop On the Block? Here Are 5 Ways to Establish Your Business After Relocating

Posted on 24 September, 2015 in Commercial Removals , Moving Office

Moving your business from one address to a new one can be very challenging.

Business owners change locations for different reasons. Poor building maintenance by landlords, or inability to pay rent due to company downsizing are two adverse reasons to move the location of your business. However, reasons for moving are not always necessarily adverse.

If your business is growing and you're running out of space for inventory, moving to a location with more cubic metres of space is not a bad idea. Most business owners always have one main question after moving regardless of their reasons for doing so. Will my regular clients/customers follow my business to its new location?

If you're business owner with this concern, here are five tips for getting your most loyal patrons to follow your business to its new address.

1. Communicate with Your Clients/Customers Prior to Moving About Where You're Relocating

Whether it's by word of mouth, the distribution of literature, or via the internet, communication is key. Always let your patrons know what's new going on with your business, including where you're planning to expand or move. In addition to delivering exemplary service, keeping patrons informed is always key.

2. Incentivise People to Come to Your New Business Address

It's always about keeping those who support your business first. Prioritise existing customers by giving them incentives to come visit your new business. Offer things like discounts when they bring a friend or relative who may live in the area of the new location.

3. Make Sure to Update All Your Address Info Online

Today's businesses must have a robust digital presence to be successful. Before moving to a new location with your business, update all your contact info on your website. There are many businesses that don't do this and it kills their search engine optimisation. There's nothing more frustrating to a new customer than going to the old address of a business because they haven't updated their info online.

4. Host an Event Celebrating the New Move

Holding an event like a cookout celebrating the new move is a great idea, especially if the weather permits. If you have a rear patio at your new business space, throwing a cookout is an excellent way to get old and new customers alike hip to your new move.

5. Use Digital Apps That Help Customers Identify Your Business on Popular Websites

Using technology, such as mobile apps and websites like Foursquare, Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp are a great way to market to people passing by your new location. You can post information on these sites about special deals during heavy traffic hours to zero in on an increased amount of spending activity.


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