First Things First: Your First Day in Your New Home

Posted on 17 June, 2015 in Moving Home , Local Removals , Efficient Removals

So you’ve arrived in your new home. The last thing you want to do now is yet more work. Of all life’s events, moving home consistently scores highly on the stress-scale, so you probably just want to relax and unwind in your new pad.

But don’t hit the hay just yet. There are still a few things that you must take care of before you settle in.

Place and Install Furniture

Setting foot inside a new home can be an overwhelming experience, so you need to get to grips with that new space quickly. The first thing you need to do is to put large furniture items in the places that you want them to go. This way you can see your new home taking shape around you as you move in. Our removals team can help you with this.

Once the furniture items are in the correct locations, you need to start installing and checking them. Connect electrical items like fridge-freezers and televisions to the power supply and check that they are fully operational. Then, assemble pieces of flatpack furniture in the location of your choice.

Assign Each Box to a Room

With the larger pieces of furniture out of the way, your new place should be beginning to feel more like a home. Now it’s time to decide on where your smaller pieces of furniture and other belongings need to go.

Don’t worry about unpacking completely just yet, this can wait until later. Simply move each box or crate into the room in which its contents will be placed. You might also want to unpack useful items like bedside lamps or other essentials so that you can use them on your first night in the property.

Find What You Need for Your First Night

With everything assigned to its correct place, all you need now are the essentials that will make your first night a comfortable one. Things like toiletries, pyjamas, quilts and blankets will allow you to relax on your first night, and give you the chance to get some well-earned rest.

Unpack a wash-bag and some bed clothes and settle down to enjoy your first night in your new home. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to recharging your batteries and reducing stress after a big move.

Order a Takeaway and Relax

Now all that’s left to do is order that pizza, stick that DVD on and relax in the pleasant surroundings of your new home. With the heavy-lifting and the preliminary planning out of the way, the rest of the task should be a breeze.

If you need help with any of moving, lifting or assembling of furniture in your new home, we can provide this service. Contact us and find out what we can offer.


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