How to Cut Down on Stress and Keep Yourself Healthy During a Move

Posted on 01 October, 2015 in Moving Home

There are fewer more stressful experiences in this life than moving house. That said, as your circumstances change and your future begins to fall into place, moving house can become a necessity.

While you can’t eliminate the stress altogether, there are a few tricks you can try to minimise the stress as much as possible. We’ve compiled a list of five tips for achieving a (relatively) tranquil and stress-free move.

Enlist Some Help

Moving is big deal, so don’t be tempted to go it alone! Share the load by getting some friends involved, or hire a professional moving company to help you get the job done efficiently and safely. Working together like this will reduce the stress placed on your mind, as well as on your back!

Stop Being Such a Hoarder!

It’s time to get brutal. Do you really need that battered old lamp you used to have in your uni bedroom? How about that stack of magazines that has been gathering dust in the corner of the spare room? The answer is: probably not!

Go through your stuff thoroughly and ask yourself, “have I used this in the last six months?” If the answer is no, chuck it!

Get Organised

A team of moving professionals can help to take the sting out of moving, but you still need to plan! Some of the most common causes of moving stress are broken items, arguments with a significant other, or items getting lost in transit. A thorough plan can minimise the risk of all three of these stress-causing occurrences, giving you a better chance of experiencing a harmonious move.

Remember, There’s a Big Wide World Out There

It can be easy to put the blinkers on while moving and forget that life is still going on outside your bubble. Remember to gather all of your medical records when you move, compile an emergency contact list for your new neighbourhood, and stock up on supplies for your first aid kit. Making sure you stay healthy during a move is about more than just being stress-free, so be prepared.

Embrace those Emotions

It’s not just moving stress that can creep up on you, the full gamut of emotions can hit you during the process of relocating to another home. The trick is just to go with the flow, embrace the emotions and enjoy the ride. Any sadness you feel is just evidence of the great life you had in your old home, and the opening up of a new chapter.

Arrange a gathering to say goodbye to the old and to welcome in the new, and if you feel like shedding a tear or two; go for it! 


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