5 Tips for Hosting a Profitable Moving Sale

Posted on 14 March, 2016 in Moving Home

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting new beginning for you and your family. And as you're starting something new and fresh, in many cases you may want to shed some of the old things in your life. What better way to rid yourself of unnecessary items than with a garage sale?

We’ve outlined five great moving sale tips you can use to have an active and profitable experience. Have a look below and see how these useful moving sale tips will work for you.

1. Check Your Permits!

First and foremost, check with your local government or council to see if there are any laws or by-laws related to hosting a garage sale. This includes requirements for hours, equipment, noise, and other factors. The last thing you want is to set up a sale only to have it shut down before you sell anything.

2. Do Your Pricing Research

Once you have a plan, schedule, and inventory in place, your next step is to do a bit of price researching. Check out pricing for similar items on major online sources such as eBay.

Price all of your items clearly for prospective buyers – but remember that people will be looking for deals. Don’t overprice your items and be willing to haggle for better prices. Otherwise, you’ll never have any luck selling them!

3. Make Your Space Inviting & Attractive

Think of your setup like a temporary retail space. Make sure you keep the moving sale area clean, well-organised, and attractive for prospective buyers.

4. Recruit Friends & Family to Help

When it comes to your moving sale, you’ll need help to make it work! Recruit your family, friends, and anyone else willing to volunteer to help you during the sale. Repay them with food, beer, pizza, or any other way to reflect your coming together for a common purpose.

5. Spread the Word

Advertise your sale! Use your local paper, make online ads announcing the sale, and tell your friends and followers on social media. Your goal is to get as many people to your moving sale as possible to maximise your potential.

Top End Removals: Your Relocation Source

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