Hot Weather Help: Keep Your Cool While Moving House

Posted on 31 July, 2017 in Moving Home

Moving is one of the most frustrating things you have to do in life. The hassle of taking an entire home, putting it into boxes, loading it into trucks and dragging it across town or country is no fun. When you add extreme temperatures to the equation, tempers can boil over. Here are a few precautions to make hot weather moves more bearable for everyone.

Be Prepared

No matter which way you slice it, moving day is going to be long and tiring. Don’t make it longer by being unprepared. Take care that everything is carefully packed in advance. Seal all of your boxes in advance. Make sure each box or item is clearly labeled, so it is obvious which room it should go.

By preparing in advance, you can minimise the amount of effort you will have to spend on the day of the hot move. Since you can pack things inside in the shade or air-conditioning, you can start there. Carefully labelling items means you won’t waste energy wandering around with heavy loads.

Start Early

There is a reason most of the world’s hottest countries enjoy a midday siesta. The hottest part of the day is generally between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The best times to complete those heavy and gruelling moving tasks are either before or after midday. With so much to do, it is hardly wise to wait until evening to begin since smart movers will begin their day early to maximise the coolest hours.

Because you have already prepared everything to go, you can use the early morning hours to quickly load up the trucks. You may even be able to begin unloading before the worst of the heat hits. Since you started early, you still have plenty of time for resting midday, if necessary.

Dress Appropriately

Moving is hard work. You will probably have to lift heavy items. In addition, you will likely spend a lot of time running back and forth, so it is essential to dress appropriately. You will need the perfect combination of clothing to support you in your athletic pursuits throughout the day, and also to keep you cool. 

Light colours work best. Fabrics should be lightweight. Clothing should be loose-fitting, but not so loose that it could get caught on corners or passing coat racks. Don’t forget to wear light, yet supportive shoes. And don't forget to wear the most essential item: sunscreen.

Stay Hydrated

In hot weather, it is more essential than ever to drink plenty of water. When you add heavy lifting and activity to the mixture, you need even more hydration. You will be sweating plenty, so plan to drink well above the normal recommended amounts of water throughout the day. Have water bottles nearby, and use them. While it may be tempting to indulge in sugary or caffeinated drinks to keep you moving, remember that these dehydrate you more quickly. Keep those to a minimum.

In addition to fluids, remember to eat throughout the day. Salty snacks may also be useful as you lose salt to sweat, but don’t overdo it.

Take Care of Heat Sensitive Things Including Pets and Kids

Many electronics are sensitive to heat. Take note of these items. Make sure you don't leave them in hot trucks or exposed to sunlight for too long. Whenever possible, leave these items until last for loading.

While it is easy to focus on the stuff we are moving, don’t forget the living things, too. Pets and children are especially prone to problems in the heat. Keep an eye on them and, as much as possible, keep them indoors until moving time.

Finally, don’t push it too far. Know your limits and recognise when you may be approaching heat related health issues. Keeping to a moving schedule is important, but not at the risk of your health. Also, feel free to ask your removalist team for more ideas. They have probably moved in the heat a number of times and may have some great tips for you.

Image by  Dino Reichmuth


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