Why You Should Always Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Furniture Removal Company

Posted on 12 June, 2015 in Local Removals

As a locally owned and operated company, Top End Removals focuses on individualised service for all our customers. This type of local service plays an especially important role when it comes to your furniture removal company. There’s already enough stress associated with a move. The last thing you want is to make the process even more complicated for you.

Part of the reason we bring such great satisfaction to our customers is because of our local touch. Here are just a few reasons why ‘going local’ is extremely important – especially for furniture moving companies:

  • Only Local Professionals – From Movers to Managers

When you’re choosing us, you’re only dealing with local people right here. You won’t be on the phone with some outside agent who has no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Direct Knowledge of Darwin, Palmerston and greater Top End region.

Large, nationwide furniture removalists may have available services in your area. But do they really know the area well enough to make it easier for you?

A company like Top End Removals is comprised of local professionals. We live and work right here with you in Darwin, Palmerston and the surrounding areas. That gives us the direct knowledge to know all the details of this region.

From your perspective, that means you’ll get localised expertise to make your furniture removal process even simpler.

  • Flexibility & Precision for YOUR Specific Removal Needs

A larger, chain-based furniture removal company will adhere to strict ‘corporate policies’ about how they conduct moves. As a result, that typically means fewer services to meet your specific needs.

How is this type of approach to moving convenient for you?

You want direct and customised service that’s better-suited to your particular needs. This will ensure you’ll get your moving completed without unnecessary complications.

  • Tailored Service to Local Conditions

Local professionals understand the current local conditions we may be facing. That way, they’ll know exactly how to approach your moving needs. And they’ll accomplish it without adding more hassle to your schedule.

  • Certified with the Australian Furniture Removers Association

Finally, you can trust in us fully. With membership in Australian Furniture Removers Association, Top End Removals brings professionalism and high quality service for every customer we service.

Keeping Your Furniture Removal Company Local

Closer is better when it come to the services you need. Why wouldn’t you think of your furniture removalist the same way?

Top End Removals brings you local service you can trust. We’ll give you everything the big guys offer you for value and price. We’ll also give you a full range of options from packing and unpacking to storage, transportation and insurance.

Even better, we’ll bring you true local expertise with people who love the Darwin and Palmerston areas just like you. That’s something you can’t get with the large national companies. It’s something you’ll only get with people like us.


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