Move and Store Your Business During Relocations, Renovations and Fit-Out

Posted on 01 February, 2016 in Moving Office , Commercial Removals

Moving, renovating or relocating an office or a business can be more than a headache. It can mean a complete disruption in your business flow, and that’s even if everything goes smoothly with zero problems.

In the instance of a remodeling or renovation, many business owners find it’s easier to just temporarily move and store their office furniture and equipment until the dust settles and the renovation is over. That’s where Top End Removals comes in. Top End Removals can make the whole process go much more smoothly by disassembling, transporting and storing your business equipment to make the transition go as smoothly as it can. When it’s time to go back to business at usual, we’ll move everything back into place again, re-assemble it all and get you ready to start operations again.

We’ll do all the moving outside of business hours for minimal impact on your day-to-day business operations. At Top End Removals, we pay close attention to the details of a move. That includes things like phone and data connections, power strips, cabling covers and making sure that the contents of your file cabinets and other furniture all stay organised and in order. We then make certain that your desks, corner pieces, hutches and all other furniture are reassembled properly and put back in their exact locations…or we’ll help you rearrange the floor plan of your office if you so wish.

Whether you need short-term storage or you anticipate a longer process to remodel your business, we’ve got you covered. Long-term or short-term, big jobs or small jobs, we can custom-tailor a moving plan that will suit your needs perfectly. We’ll make sure that your office or business is put back together just like it was before, or we’ll work with you to improve on the layout that you previously had.

We know that you’ve got lots of options when it comes to office moving companies, but not all office moving companies are created equal. We feel confident in saying that very few office moving companies will offer the same attention to detail and the same effort to not disrupt your business operations that we will at Top End Removals. Give us a call, make an appointment and let’s discuss your office moving needs…we’ll work with you to make the move as painless as possible.


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