Packing Help for Moving

Posted on 17 February, 2016 in Packing , Moving Office , Moving Home

Proper packing and preparation can make all the difference between a move that goes smoothly and one that’s full of problems.

Some people who are preparing for a move don’t feel confident doing their own packing, or simply don’t have time. If that’s the case with you, Top End Removals uses personnel who are trained and experienced in how to properly pack and prepare delicate items for an upcoming move. This is an excellent option for people who are short on time, or in instances when an employer is paying relocation charges when hiring a new employee.

At Top End Removals, our movers are experienced and trained in the best ways to safely, efficiently pack household and office items and furniture, with ongoing training and refresher courses at regular intervals. If you’ve got precious artwork or other delicate, valuable items that require special care (and many people do), we can come up with a custom packaging solution that will keep your valuables safe until they get to their destination.

We leave it to you to decide what you’d like to pack yourself, and then direct Top End Removals on what you’d like for us to pack for you. If you elect to pack many of your own boxes, we’ll gladly supply you with the boxes, paper, tape, bubble wrap and other any other supplies you might need. Our standard procedure is to place your furniture in boxes in their final destination, reassembling any furniture (such as beds) that had to be dismantled as part of the move. We can also help with your unpacking by staging the boxes in the rooms that they’ll be going to, then removing the items and taking the empty boxes and packing materials with us.

You can rest assured that your possessions are going to be covered by insurance during their trip to their new home. Top End Removals has its own carriers’ insurance, with a policy that covers everything in the event of a crash or fire while in transit. Bear in mind, though, that this policy doesn’t cover accidental damage while moving individual items, and you may want to purchase your own supplemental insurance for this eventuality. As part of our affiliation with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), Top End Rentals can easily arrange transit insurance for that supplemental coverage, through one of the best and most respected transit insurance companies in Australia.


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