Interstate Removals: Packing and Unpacking Made Easy

Posted on 10 April, 2015 in Packing

If just the mere thought of an interstate removal gives you a headache then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences people go through. However, don’t let your head explode just yet because packing and unpacking can be made a whole lot easier with a removalist on your side and the following tips to hand.

First, save money by getting rid of unwanted clutter

The last thing you want to do is pay for that old coffee table or wardrobe to travel across a state only to be chucked in the trash at the other end. An imminent move is the perfect time for a proper spring clean. Be ruthless and chuck out anything you don’t need or won’t be using in your new home. Not only will you feel better for getting rid of clutter, but you’ll also save on packing and moving costs, especially if you manage to discard large items like beds or sofas.

Let your removalist pack your items

It’s your stuff, so you’re the best person to pack it all, right? Wrong! In fact, there are many benefits to be had letting your removalist pack your goods. The obvious one is that it will make your life easier (not many people love packing) but other benefits include the option of being covered by the removalists’ insurance and utilising the packing skills of trained professionals who move entire homes on a daily basis!

Organising your items

To ensure your removalist knows exactly what to pack and what not to pack it’s important to set aside anything you’re not taking with you in a clearly marked area. There’s no need to sort all your items for your removalist, they’ll know the best way to organise everything you’re taking. However, having a clean and tidy house will help!

If you’re planning on putting anything into storage then separate these items from the belongings that are going straight to your new home. All belongings going straight to your new home are known as a “Keep Forward” set of items. You can arrange a “Keep Forward” list with your removalist before moving day to make life easier.

Moving valuables and furniture

You should make your removalist well aware of any fragile, expensive, and valuable items when asking for a quote. Your valuables may need to be transported separately to ensure they aren’t damaged in transit and your removalist will need to know what valuables they are taking.

As for furniture, any good removalist will offer to disassemble awkward or large furniture items as part of their service. However, you should be made aware of and always ask about any exemptions. For example, most removalists will ask you to pull apart flat packed furniture items prior to moving and certain items, such as swing sets or trampolines, will not be disassembled by a removalist.

Plan for your arrival now

Packing is only half the battle, the other half is unpacking and moving into your new home. That’s why you should get your unpacking action plan together now. Make sure you’ve got all the measurements for your new home to ensure all furniture and items will fit through doorways and staircases. If possible, try and draw a floor plan for your new home and map out where you want to place all your belongings. This will help both you and your removalist effectively organise your move.

Try to have two sets of hands present for the move

For both the packing and unpacking stages, it’s a wise move to have at least two of you present to help your interstate removal company get the job done efficiently. That way, one of you can look after any pets or children and check everything on your inventory is packed and present and one of you can help direct the removal team and show them where everything should go when unpacking.

Our tips at a glance

Do all the above, and you should be ready and set for a smooth move. Here’s a quick round up of what you should do to make packing and unpacking easy:

  • Book a removalist early (we’re a busy industry)
  • Organise what you want and don’t want and get your removalist to pre-pack
  • Make sure your interstate removal company provides insurance for the entire move
  • Tidy your current home and map out your move into your new home
  • Draft a “Keep Forward” list to separate items that are going into storage from items going straight to your new home

You’ll be settled in your new home before you know it! And remember, if you need help moving we offer a full interstate relocation packing and unpacking service. Get an interstate removal quote from us today by calling 08 8931 1133. Happy moving!


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