3 Office Moving Mistakes That Professional Movers Can Fix

Posted on 23 July, 2015 in Commercial Removals

Sometimes as a small business owner it can seem like the best option for an office relocation is to keep it free, and use human resources that are already on staff with their business. This is a very popular choice with small business owners who wish to "do it themselves", however the mistakes that can be made by using existing employees for moving office are not worth the risk. For the business owner planning to move their office to a new location, consider taking advantage of a professional removal service that can release a significant amount of burden, and prevent these unprofitable mistakes from taking place.

  1. Uninsured Employees- Furniture removal inside of an office always faces risk, especially when it involves the use of employees to get the job done. One lifting accident can leave an employee injured, and unfortunately, most businesses don't have the appropriate insurance for their employees to be performing heavy lifting. By hiring a professional relocating service, the liability of injury is lifted from the shoulders of the business owner, leaving professionally-trained movers to do the job.
  2. Uninsured Equipment- Not only is an employee not insured for relocation, but the furniture and equipment involved in the removal is also usually not insured to be moved by the business itself. Taking the risk of damaging the furniture can leave an employee-driven relocation very expensive. Hiring professionals alleviates this risk, because transport companies are responsible for keeping the furniture safe, and will leave the cost of renovation much cheaper than risking employees to lift the business's assets.
  3. Operational Profit Loss- While employees could be prioritising the profit of the company, taking them from the operations of the business to engage in relocating the office during work hours takes away from the business's profit. Don't squeeze down the operational health of the business, hiring a professional transport service allows the flexibility to do office removal services after hours of business or during the weekends. This keeps the business profitable and the operations uninterrupted during the course of the relocation.

The Top End Removals team understands the need to cut costs for a business. Over the course of the entire move, hiring trained office movers can provide less liability, lower risk, and lower costs for the business owner, and allow for more a faster relocation of the office. Trust the assistance of a professional removalist, and watch the relocation process expedite your business operations into the new location!


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