Protect Floors and Carpets During Your Move

Posted on 29 July, 2016 in Moving Home

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time in your life. However, with all of the furniture and boxes to be moved, utility bills to be transferred, and new neighbourhood to familiarise yourself with, the floors and carpets of your old home can often be overlooked. Particularly if you are renting, you'll want to ensure that your floors do not get damaged or dirty during the move, or you could be stuck with costly repair, replacement, or cleaning charges. Luckily, the moving experts at Top End Removals have created this moving-house checklist for you, to help keep your floors and carpets protected and clean throughout the moving process:

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The Basics

  • If you choose to hire a removalist, DO ask if they will provide floor protection. If you are handling the move yourself, DON'T neglect this important aspect. Floor protection will be far less expensive than replacement or cleaning costs.
  • DON'T ask the movers to take off their shoes every time they enter your house. This will slow down the moving process a great deal. Instead, DO place doormats just inside and outside of your front door, and DO invest in quality floor protection materials.
  • DON'T use plastic coverage. It is very slippery and can shift easily, possibly leading to you or the movers slipping or tripping.

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How to Protect Your Carpet When Moving

  • DO take extra care if you are moving during the rainy seasons, as carpets can get dirty very quickly.
  • DO use a carpet mask. The surface is not slippery and the self-adhesive backing holds it in place. However, DO take care when moving heavy furniture, as the mask could tear.
  • DON'T use paper as carpet protection. It will tear easily over the soft surface, exposing your carpet to dirt and debris.

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How to Protect Your Floors When Moving

  • DO choose non-slip flooring protection, like rug runners, for hard floor surfaces. DO look for rug runners that are self-adhesive. It will keep them flat and prevent tripping while you or the movers are stepping over them.
  • DO use heavy-duty paper to protect hard floors, like wood, tile or laminate. DO tape down the edges with painter's tape to hold it in place and prevent tripping.
  • DON'T use dollies with metal wheels, as they can scratch your floors. DO use dollies with rubber wheels instead.

By following the tips on this moving checklist, you should be well on your way to keeping your floors and carpets safe and clean throughout your move. What are some of your favourite tips for protecting your floors and carpet? Reply and let us know.


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