Protect Your Furniture and Appliances with a Professional Removal Company

Posted on 06 May, 2015 in Local Removals

The time has come to relocate. You could certainly do the job yourself. Maybe that was the only choice when you were younger or in more modest circumstances. Do you really want to call your friends and family again to help and spend all that time after work or on the weekends to accomplish the move? Perhaps it is a better idea to call a professional removal company like Top End Removals this time? You know that you would prefer the convenience and hassle-free service of a professional, but what other benefits are there to using a professional removal company?                             

People hire professionals for a reason. A professional is a specialist in their field. They know the ins and outs of their trade, the little tricks that make everything flow smoothly. Top End Removals knows removal and transport. Based in Darwin and serving the surrounds, we are highly experienced with the “difficult” parts of the move and will safely remove, transport, and deliver all of your large, heavy, and delicate items that would typically be problematic.


A few examples will help illustrate the benefits of choosing a professional removal and transport company like Top End Removals for your next move:

  • Certain large or heavy items are quite difficult to safely pack, remove from your home, and then transport without previous experience (televisions, steel safes, washing machines, fridges, freezers, tables and book cases). The Top End Removals team has many years of experience getting large, delicate, and difficult items safely out of your old home and into your new home.
  • The building or landscape might pose significant challenges (stair wells, narrow doors, elevators, high-rise buildings, steep hills or uneven terrain).
  • We recommend that flat-screen televisions are packed by us in a specially made box with foam inserts, similar to the box it came in.
  • We take all precautions to ensure your valuable items are well protected and secure when being moved. For example, some items must be shipped with a particular end up.
  • Top End Removals has all of the special equipment necessary for heavy removals such as lifts and trolleys. We utilise the proper plastic wraps or non-plastic foam pads as appropriate to protect your quality furniture during removal and transport.

If you have done your own furniture removal and transport before, then you already understand the aches and pains of doing it yourself.  If you have never conducted a removal and transport, we hope that this information will help you better understand the benefits of calling a professional like Top End Removals.


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