Furniture Removal and Short Term Storage When Moving House

Posted on 27 May, 2015 in Storage

Here at Top End Removals, we love talking with our customers who are ready to upgrade to a better living situation. Whether it’s a new home, apartment or anything in between, moving is always an exciting time. You’re ready to go. You might have even started getting things packed up into boxes.

Now picture this scenario: you found a gap in between your living situation. Perhaps you sold your current home faster than you found a new one. Maybe your current apartment lease ended before you have your new one signed. In any case, situations like this are pretty common – and can quickly become frustrating.

Situations like this are exactly why you need temporary, short term storage when moving house.

Making Temporary Short Term Storage a No-Hassle Process for You

Top End Removals can provide you with convenient short term storage to temporarily keep your items safe and secure. There are a ton of advantages to letting your removal company handle your short term storage as well:

  • Avoid Excess Costs in Mortgage/Rent/Etc.

Placing items into short term storage can prevent you from leaving them in your old home. That way, you won’t suddenly face paying rent in two places at the same time!

  • One Company to Handle Everything

Transporting your items to and from a self-storage location is like moving twice. That’s more work for you in terms of arranging movers, dealing with multiple companies and other hassles.

By keeping the moving and storage with Top End Removals, you’ll get a big time-saver for you during your furniture removal process. That makes it much easier and straightforward to save you time, energy and headaches.

  • Safe, Secure Facility for Storage

Top End’s storage facility is clean, safe, secured, and waterproof. Each storage area is free from vermin and pests. We’ll keep your stuff exactly as it was when it was first moved.

  • Less Chance of Damage Due to ‘Double Handling’

Double handling refers to the to-and-from moving between your old home, a long-term self storage center and your new house. By limiting this much handling on your furniture and other items, you’re lowering the risk of damage.

  • Trusted, Reliable Service

We’re a proud member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). That means you can trust us for expert and professional service in all aspects of our furniture removal and storage.

We’ll safely and securely move everything from your old home. We’ll then keep an inventory of your items before moving them into our temporary storage. That way, none of your furniture or items will become lost or misplaced. You’ll get everything to your new home safe and sound – whenever your new home is ready for you.

Make Your Furniture Removal Easier (Not Harder)

Moving house is already a big project with a lot to worry about. Why would you want to add steps to moving house when you can just use short term storage instead?

Top End Removals can help bridge the gap between old and new with our simplified short term storage services. That way, even if you have delays in your moving, you can rest assured that all your belongings remain safe and free from damage.


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