3 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Relocate Your Office

Posted on 24 August, 2016 in Moving Office

Getting your business off the ground may have been easier than you thought. You’ve built the company up to where it has increased greatly in size. However, with rapid growth comes challenges and you may find your business has outgrown your current office space. You may be considering relocation.

Here are three common signs that it’s time to consider getting a quote from professional office removalists to move to a bigger, better, and more convenient office.

Have you got enough space?

The present office may have been a perfect size when you started your business, small yet in a handy location. However over the years your business may have grown, you’ve taken on new staff, have a number of departments and your turnover is far higher. Signs that you may need to relocate include: a lack of room for your stock, not enough offices for managers, and people having to share desks and cubicles. This can lead to disputes as employees resent the cramped, distracting working conditions. A new, more spacious, location would resolve these problems and boost productivity.

Where are your customers?

You may find that your key customers are located on the other side of town, in another city, or even interstate. Good logistics determine that it is sensible to be close to your major clients. Signs that it’s time to consider such a move include when you realise the cost of getting goods and services to your clients and the difficulty they have in reaching your office for regular meetings. Adequate car parking for staff and clients should always be considered as should space for a reception area to greet clients. Your office space will communicate your brand in a subtle yet powerful way.

The office condition

From re-painting to installing new air-conditioning, the need to upgrade to retain a professional look may be just a matter of small updates to keep the office space comfortable and looking good. However where the office has started to deteriorate badly, it may be time to relocate. Signs that this is occurring are: paint peeling from walls, chronic plumbing problems, poor air quality, excessive mould in damp areas, and unsafe flooring.

A small, cramped office space in poor condition sends the wrong message to clients. It may, therefore, be time to consider moving to more a more spacious location. While moving office is a big decision for business owners, many underestimate costs and time involved. It is important therefore to get the right commercial removalists to deliver an excellent service at a competitive rate.

Whether you decide to move across town, to a city in your state, or even to another part of the country, Top End Removals has the experience and expertise to help. Interested in finding out more about how our commercial removals service specialises in business relocations? Please contact us here.


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