Moving to a Smaller Home? Save Money By Downsizing

Posted on 02 June, 2015 in Local Removals

A smaller home

Are you getting ready for moving to a small home? There are all sorts of reasons why people opt to downsize their living spaces:

  • Escaping Rising Real Estate Prices
  • Making Home Living Less Complicated
  • Children Out of the House
  • Ready to De-clutter Your Living Space

Of course, removing the clutter in your home can be easier said than done. Here’s a quick and easy checklist to get your house in order – before you move. That way, you’ll have a much better moving process once it’s time to move to a smaller living space.

Assess Your Current Living Needs

This is the time for a reality check. What do you really need in your new, smaller home? Make choices that will directly contribute to your new living situation.

Check Items One Room at a Time

Go from room-to-room during your assessment. Do you really need that old exercise bike? What about that spare couch in your attic? Only bring along the items that you really need in your new house.

Take Measurements to Make Sure Furniture Fits

Sometimes smaller living spaces also means that you'll have smaller areas for your furniture! Take measurements of the furniture you hope to move like your bed, couch, etc. Then, measure your new home (including halls, doors, etc.) to guarantee your stuff fits.

If your old furniture is too big, downsizing furniture may also be a good idea to do ahead of time.

Sell or Give Away Items You Don’t Need

Now that you’ve assessed your stuff, it’s time to start shedding the excess. Yard sales, auctions, giveaways and donations are all your friends in these situations.

Consider Storing Items You Don’t Want to Eliminate

Finally, moving to a small house doesn’t always mean you want to give away or sell all your stuff. In cases like this, storage space is probably a good option for you.

Full-service furniture removalist companies like Top End Removals can actually help with this. We can help you move items to more than one place. So you can get all items transported to your new home, your storage place or anywhere in between.

Top End Removals: Your Expert Furniture Removalist Company

Once you’ve assessed your downsizing process, you can feel even more overwhelmed. The good news is you have all sorts of help from an expert furniture removal company. Darwin and Palmerston residents (and people in surrounding areas) can take advantage of Top End Removals. This locally owned and operated company offers help in all major areas of moving:

  • Local or Interstate Furniture Removal
  • Help Transporting Items to More than One Place (Auction, Salvos, Your Mum’s House, etc.)
  • Moving Additional Items such as Garden Equipment or Furniture

No matter your specific needs, you’ll get fast, local service you can trust every time. So here’s to life in a simpler, smaller and better living space.


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