Need Storage Options? Moving Storage Tips from the Experts

Posted on 03 March, 2017 in Storage , Moving Home

When you move, whether across town or across the country, you may need short or long term storage, depending on how soon you can move your belongings into your new home. From their years of experience in moving families and businesses, the relocation experts from Top End Removals have provided some tips for families who need moving storage options.

When you buy or rent a new home, the process rarely goes smoothly. Your new home may not be ready for you to move into, or the new buyers may want to move into your old home sooner than planned. Either way, you need a place to keep your furniture and valuables safe. Here’s what to do:

Research Short and Long Term Storage Options

When you’re in transit from one place to the next, you need what moving professionals call “storage in transit,” a place that can keep your belongings secure, clean, and protected from animals such as rats and mice. There are only a couple of options for storage. You can’t keep the moving van, filled with your belongings, in the driveway of your new home while you wait to take possession.

  • Option No. 1: Store your furniture with friends, family, or neighbours: To save money, many families choose to store their belongings in a friend’s or relative’s garage. Unfortunately, garages aren’t usually secure, as are professional storage facilities. Mice and rats can creep in, destroying treasured upholstery and linens in their wake. Garages are also dusty places. Cars sharing the space often give off petrol odours, which get into the fabrics on your furniture. Bottom line, you may have to spend more money to clean your belongings once you arrive than you would have spent on a commercial storage facility. Furthermore, your friends’ and relatives’ patience may wear thin, if you need long-term storage. They may need to move your furniture around to make room for their own cars or belongings, scratching your furniture in the process.
  • Option No. 2: Rent a secure storage facility: A secure storage facility is at the ready whether you need short or long-term storage. Professional storage facilities, such as the ones at Top End Removals, use secure storage modules to keep your belongings safe. You won’t find mouse nests in your designer sofa, nor will your belongings smell like petrol fumes once they arrive at your new home.

Find the Best Storage Facility for Your Needs

  • Reputation: Not all moving and storage companies are equal. Find several companies to compare. Look at their reputations, their professionalism, and the service they provide to their customers. Ask your friends and neighbours for references.
  • Policies: Is the storage company comfortable with long distance moves? Where are the company’s policies stated? Make sure you check out all of the terms before you sign with a storage company.
  • Access: Can you access your goods at any time? Most storage companies, like Top End Removals, require a small fee and reasonable notice for customers to access their goods. This policy helps to ensure that the goods are secure and that only customers can access their own goods.
  • Services: Does the moving company offer storage in transit? Companies that offer this service usually charge a bit more, according to the length of time your belongings are in temporary storage. They’ll also charge a fee for the final delivery since they must move the belongings twice.

Organise Your Move Beforehand

  • Put larger items in storage early on: Put furniture pieces you won’t need as you pack in storage beforehand. This way, you can better sort out what to do with the rest of the items.
  • Sort items in categories: Use this time to clear out all of the items you never use. Sell those that are valuable, and donate those that still have some use, yet aren’t worth the trouble of selling. Recycle or consign the rest to the trash bin. Make a list of those items you want to take with you. Label each box with the name of the room in which they will be located in your new home.
  • Have someone to watch your children and pets on moving day: Moving day is often hectic, with large items being moved in or out of your home. Though moving professionals take the utmost in care, don’t take chances. Hire a babysitter or a pet sitter for the big day.

If you’re ready to move, but your new home isn’t ready yet, consider Top End Removals for your storage in transit needs. We’ll store your belongings at our convenient secure storage facilities, hold them on site until you’re ready to move into your new home, and then move them into your new space. Our moving storage options are flexible and can adapt to challenges you may face as you move. To learn more about our easy-to-use specialized storage services, contact Top End Removals today.


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