How to Tell Your Children that You’re Moving

Posted on 21 April, 2015 in Moving with children

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for your family. A new home often comes with new job opportunities, with upgrades to your current home or a better neighbourhood in which to raise your children. You parents may be excited, but how will this move affect your younger children? When a child moves, particularly in early stages of life, it can be a significant challenge. Parents can minimise the difficulty of moving by preparing children ahead of time with plenty of information, and by watching for signs of trouble during the process. 


The more factors that are involved in your move, such as changing schools, moving away from friends or family, or a family loss or divorce will increase the need to be on the lookout for problems. Care should be taken in presenting the move to your children so as not to increase their anxiety. (Source:

Moving with children

What then is the best way to break the news that you’re moving to your children? First of all, you will want to tell your children as early as possible to allow them time to adjust to the idea of the move. If you have more than one child, tell them all at the same time. This way your children will not receive the news from each other, but will receive the proper messages about the move from you.

Simple Messaging 

When you first tell your children about the move, you will want to keep the message simple. You do not want to overload them with too much information at first. Let your children express their concerns and ask questions. Answer their questions in a reassuring manner, but clearly communicate that the move decision is final. Be sure to let them know that even though the move is a big change that everything will be alright. Be both positive and realistic as you are setting their expectations for the future.

Frequent Communication

As the move date approaches, update your children regularly with information that will help them adjust to the move. Your youngest children might actually forget about the move if not reminded, and your older children will appreciate additional details that will help them make the necessary transitions regarding school and relationships. Finally, provide additional, reputable sources of information regarding your new location, the new schools, and other places that might capture their interest.

Moving can be a very positive adventure for your children if handled properly. Following some of the pointers offered here can help your children make the transition more easily.


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